SA 8000 Certification


In 2014 the afaplan started the implementation of a Social Accountability Management System having obtained the certification by the SA8000 on 02/10/2015.


With the certification in SA8000, we achieved an important step in the consolidation of social accountability in our organization - afaplan strengthened its ethically responsible performance and strengthened a business culture that privileges the satisfaction of its customers, employees and partners in general.


afaplan and its subsidiaries must comply with the requirements of SA8000:


- cannot support or take any form of child labor
- cannot support or take any form of forced labor.
- they must guarantee in all workplaces safe and healthy environment.
- must ensure all employees to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
- cannot endorse or adopt any type or form of discrimination in its procedures.
- must treat all employees with dignity and respect.
- must comply with national and sectoral agreements on the maximum number of hours of employees' work regulations.
- must ensure a fair payment to all employees of the company.
- shall ensure that management systems and procedures to systematically, meet all the above requirements, ensuring the continuous improvement of the social accountability indicators.

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