WWTP of Entroncamento

Águas do Centro, S.A.

Design/construction of the WWTP Entroncamento, whose procedure line integrates the pre-treatment part (sieving, desanding and degreasing), biological treatment in biomass reactor suspended in a low load, as well as filtration and disinfection of a part of the effluent for reuse as service water.

Execution of the discharge outfall in the receiving environment and discharge project in the receiving environment.

Construction of Wastewater Collection System of Entroncamento - implementation of infrastructures that integrate the following systems:

Area 1 and 2 - Wastewater Collection System of Entroncamento, composed of two pumping stations and two gravitational outfalls, with a total length of 3.650m.

Area 3 – Water Collection System of Poente, consists of a pumping station and a pumping pipeline, with a length of 3.350m.


Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulic





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