PS and WWTP in Ribeira de Moinhos

Águas de Santo André, S.A.

Construction of an industrial pumping pipeline HDPE PRS/PE100 PN 10 DN630, with the development of 1685m, between the pumping station ZlP3 the General Meeting House upstream of the WWTP Ribeira de Moinhos.

Construction of a saline pumping pipeline HDPE PRS/PE100 PN10 DN560, installed parallel to the previous pumping pipe between the pumping station ZlP3 and transition chamber upstream of the Saline Outfall in pressure.

Construction of a pipeline in pressure, Saline Outfall, HDPE PRS/PE100 PN8 DN800, with the development of 1650m, designed to transport a flow rate of 500 l/s of saline wastewater between the Transition Chamber and Terrestrial Outfall, downstream the WWTP Ribeira de Moinhos.

Installation of a pipeline in HDPE PRS100 PN10 DN110, for drinking water, with the development of 1020m, installed in part of the ditch where the pressure pipeline was installed, Saline Outfall, and which replaced the previous fiber-cement pipe with diameter of 200mm.


Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulic




Santiago do Cacém

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