Sabugal Tunnel in Beira Baixa

Rede Ferroviária Nacional - Refer, E.P.E.

The Sabugal Tunnel, a centennial structure dated 1885, has a length of 398 meters and was built in granite masonry, that "evolves in straight alignment between North portal and the final third of its length," is located on Line Beira Baixa between 205.971 and 206.369 PK.

Strengthening the vault and gable using electrical welded mesh and projected concrete, with thicknesses up to 15cm; Lowering of road platform and inherent strengthening of gable foundation with resin-coated pinning application of 3m and low walls of reinforced concrete or concrete matched to the existing geological conditions; Treatment of tunnel masonry cracking with short pinning mesh; Implementing safety nets consisting of the complete demolition of gable areas of about 6m², containment measures, strengthening the gable according to the existing geological conditions; Drainage of water leakage in the vault and gable with draining screen application and deck-over drains.


Infrastructure, Geotechnical Works





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