Supply of Albufeira Beach

Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, IP

Artificial supply of Albufeira Beach Creek, on a distance of about 2km, with sand dredged offshore, at depths exceeding 18m, in volume of 600.000m³.

The Peneco and Pescadores beaches, with a length of about 650m, have an average enlargement of 30m, up to the average sea level. In turn, the Inatel and Alemães beaches, with a length of about 1.350m, have an average enlargement of 50m.

Construction of a plunging retaining structure in east end of the bay, intended to contain the extension of the beach and to diminish the loss of sand to the east, which comprises three discontinuous sections with approximate lengths of 5, 10 and 50m.

Works of reconditioning of two rainwater drainage DP3 (Inatel) and DP4 (Forte de S. João) involving the installation of a radial system of drains and the establishment of thresholds for discharge. The thresholds for discharge are composed of unloading concrete blocks founded on mats gabions. The gabions are crossed by drainage tubes in PVC DN250, radially spaced of 20° and having downstream ends of a small percolating foundation of crushed rock gabion, wrapped in geotextile fabric.


Hydraulic works, Seaports and Coastal Protection




Albufeira - Algarve

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