Babadag I and II Wind Farms in Romania


Babadag Wind Farms 2009/2012

These are two Wind Farms with 20 turbines AG's Suzlon, model S88, 2,1MW (80m), distributed in a total area of 230 + 60 (290he), total capacity of 42MW with a production capacity of 120Gwh.

Babadag I
Comprises 16 turbines, 33,6MW, collected through own Substation 20kv/110kv - 40MVA. The interconnection between Client Substation and National grid was assured with 3,2Km of 110kV underground cable.

Babadag II
Comprises 4 turbines (8,4MW), connected to the National Grid with a underground 20kV cable with total length of around (7,2 Km) crossing the local village - Babadag.


Babadag Wind Farms 2013/2014

These Wind Farms with Suzlon Turbines S88 of 2,1MW that generate 690V, without an internal medium voltage transformer. Next to the turbines we have transformation posts that increase the voltage to 20kV.

All 16 turbines from Babadag I are connected, through 4, 20kVunderground lines, to the Substation where we have another transformer that raises the voltage to 110kV.

Inside the Substation we have the protection and command room. From here we control all the wind farm including the substation, the medium voltage room, where we have all the medium voltage cells, the main high voltage equipment´s and the STATCOM system. The STATCOM system is a dynamic reactive compensation and can regulate the voltage, power factor and reactive power in real time with very small steps. This system it’s the first and unique system of this type in Romania. After completion of the Wind Farms and connection to the National grid, we are now involved in the operation and maintenance of the Wind Farms.


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