Dam Complementary Flood Spillway


The discharge capacity of the existing flood spillway is insufficient in the event of exceedances over the level of 153, thus EDP decided to build a new flood spillway tunnel. The tunnel has a length of 200m and starts with a WES threshold equipped with two surface gates and ends with a structure in trampoline.

The straight shaft tunnel is covered with concrete, with variable cross-section, from the level (134.30) to the level (98.35). The floor area of ​​the section ranges from 210m² (2x105) in the initial section, up to 110m² (2x55) in the current section. It consists of two equal inlet openings with a width of 8,75m each, separated by a septum. The trampoline output is also divided by a septum and has a curve in plan, in order to direct the jets to the riverbed.


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