Coutada / Tamujais Dam

DRAPC - Direcção Regional de Agricultura e Pescas do Centro

Embankment dam, 24m high and with a 410m crown and a total volume of 345dcm³.

Skimming weir about 175 m long. Provisional diversion structure, including a 119-m gallery, with a diameter of 1200mm, stop log and stilling basin. Taken with 28-m outlet tower and straight bridge 5 x10.45m. Concrete basin dam 8-m high and top of dam with 98.5m paths accessing the dam, the basin dam and agricultural land. Irrigation network with 79 outlets, 98 openings, sectioning, bottom discharges, suckers and 13.7km of PVC pipes, DN 500mm, and 1.8km of Concrete DN 600mm. Paths with double bituminous finishing, 15.2km long and 4.8km wide, 2.51km of drainage ditches and the following works, 165 retention weirs, confluences and falls, 426m² of protective coating; 5 circular PHs and 2 ford PHs.

Lifting system for a head of 63 mwc and a flow rate of 690l/s.


Hydraulic works, Dams and River Works




Castelo Branco

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