Boavista Prime in Oporto

Adicais - Investimentos Imobiliários, S.A.

This is a real estate complex for collective housing, commerce and offices with a total construction area of 14.200m² and an area assigned to public spaces and a public space area for the condominium of 2.150m².

The collective housing building is made up of 4 multifamily residential storeys, totaling 28 dwellings and a total construction area of 4.000m².

The office building is made up of 5 storeys with 5 offices per storey, totaling 25 offices and a 3.503m² construction area.

The 2 buildings, joined by a storey on the ground floor with commercial functions, there being a total of 8, and with a construction area of 1.679m², have a common public space area as well as 3 lower ground floors for private parking and storerooms of the fractions with a total construction area of 5.056m².


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