Irrigation Network from Beringel to Beja

DST - Domingos da Silva Teixeira, S.A.

Pipeline – pumping station of Álamo and to Beringel reservoir with DN2500 and about 1500 meters long, winning a gauge height of 46.4 m.

Beringel Reservoir - The reservoir is intended to regulate the pumped flow of the Álamo Pumping Station, for the irrigation of the blocks downstream the reservoir. Its main features are the volume of 97,000m³ and NPA at the level of 213.00.

Beringel - Cinco Reis Pipeline - The Pipeline is intended for the gravitational transport of flow to the reservoir Cinco Reis. It is about 4060m long and DN2000.

The dam Cinco Reis is part of the primary infrastructure of irrigation in the intake system Pisão/Beja, and will be located in Curral groove, right tributary of the Chaminé River.

This dam with a maximum height of 12m measured from the lowest area of ​​the ground up to the NPA at level 204.00, surrounds a reservoir with a NPA volume of 1.4hm³ and a flooded area of 0,47km².


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