5 de Outubro Residence in Oporto

INTEROPUS - Engenharia e Serviços, S.A.

Residential and trade building, with a total construction area of 5.300m² and a yard of 400m², consists of two underground floors, a floor street-level access to the building and trade, and six floors above ground for housing.

The basement -2 is designed for car parking, storage and technical areas. The basement -1 is designed for parking and storage room with access to backyard. The ground floor is occupied by access either to the upper floors, whether to the floors of parking, three commercial spaces equipped with bathroom, waste room, condominium room with toilet and direct access to the terrace on the roof of Cave -1, having direct access to this yard.

The patio is equipped with garden areas, a playground of the condo, and a permeable area for the washing the cars of owners.

From the 1st to the 6th floor the building is intended to multifamily housing distributed along a corridor oriented parallel to the facades of the building, with the 6th floor set back from the facade, totaling 24 dwellings.


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