Pit Wall of Peniche

Município de Peniche

Creation of a Water Plan, intended for the usage by recreational boating and visual effect, recreating a new bed for the Pit, and the improvement of some of the existing crossing structures of the Pit and its surrounding areas.

The Water Plan will have a permanent minimum level (+2.50 m) ZH, in order to allow the entry and exit of vessels at any tide level, and to ensure minimum levels of water quality, compatible with the intended uses. A Sluice at the South end will be built in this purpose, the bed material will be removed from the Pit and the banks will be stabilized and consolidated.

The intervention area has a total of about 6.5 ha, with an irregular and elongated configuration in plan, with North-South development of around 1300m, following the development of wall with a width varying between 30 and 80m, depending on its boundary and bulwarks.


Hydraulic works, Seaports and Coastal Protection





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