Pedro Hispano Hospital in Matosinhos

Unidade Local de Saúde de Matosinhos, E.P.E.

The remodeling and expansion of the Outpatient Surgery Unit at Pedro Hispano Hospital, in Matosinhos, sets out to provide a response to an ever greater need since, as a result of the development of the practices and equipment at the disposal of healt carers, an increasinf number of surgeries on an outpatient basis, with the evident ensuing advantages.

Hence, this new unit is organised in «T» shape along two units which are around 16,50m and 12m wide, respectively, and with 45 and 35 metres long where the various compartments are concentrated.

The global rehabilitation area is 973m². In the majority of the new interior spaces, with the exception of the sanitary facilities, changing rooms and laundry, headroom is 3m will be ensured. In the other compartments the headroom established is 2,70m.


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