Portela Lake

IGA - Investimentos e Gestão de Água. S.A.

Construction of Portela Lake, a construction of a dam embankment and its circuits of water supply, drainage and water intake and rehabilitation of Levada da Portela/Furado.

Embankment dam with maximum height of 19,5 meters above the thalweg of the watercourse downstream. In homogeneous soil profile, the dam has a volume of 70,000 ³, offering a subhorizontal filter in contact with the foundation under the stabilizer downstream foundation.

The Pond, achieved by excavation in the valley and materialization of the dam with inclined slope 1V: 1H, allows a total storage capacity of 87,800m³ of water between the bottom level of 727m, and the full level of storage of 738,5 m.

Levada da Portela/Furado: the amount of stretch of Levada da Portela will be rehabilitated, with an approximate length of about 2600m, right up to the junction for the future Pond.


Hydraulic works, Dams and River Works




Portela - Madeira

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