Tercenas Bridge

Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, IP

Demolition of Tercenas Bridge and construction of new bridge with a total lenght of 72m, with 2 spans of 21m and 1 span of 30m.

The tray platform consists in roadway, exterior curbs, bicycle path and sidewalks, making a total of 12m width, including cornices and guards.

The bearing system of the platform is established through board-beams formed by U-shaped elements, precasted and pre-tensioned, linked with each other vi „in-situ” concreting and applying post-tensioned prestressing in the central support areas.

The platform slab was performed with cooperated precasted pre-slabs of reinforced concrete with 7,5cm thick.

For the platform tray support, resorted to a solution of concrete piles with 1.50m diameter, placing under the axis of each board-beam and connecting them to the bottom of the river and until the base of the tray platform with a wall beam, oriented in the direction of the water flow.

The connections consists of support stirrup beams to the rigidly board connected to the foundation piles of 0,80m diameter.

The road pavement, bicycle path and curbs performed by asphalt concrete. Drainage system of rainwater waters, protection pipes for cabling and their manholes, rail and safety guards.


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