Pinhal Interior Highway

Ascendi, S. A.

3 construction allotments in a total of 44,30 km and 8 improvement allotments, in a total extension of 174km.

The construction allotments have been developed between IC8 Proenca-a-Nova Perdigão (A23 motorway), ER238 – Section Cernache do Bonjardim / Serta (IC8) _ (CBSE) and EN238 – Section Serta / Oleiros _ (SEOL). These allotments represent 5 special structural works and 48 ordinary structural works. Also, the bridge over Ocreza river developed in an extension of 420 m and a height, from the bridge deck to the river, of 82 m. In total, there has been made 1,4 million m2 of clearing, 4,6 million m3 of excavation and 4.4 million m3 of embankment, 532 thousand m2 of pavement, 1.2 million m2 of sowing and 30,000 m3 of concrete.

The improvement parts developed between IC8 - section Pedrógão / Sertã _ (PESE); EN2 - section Góis (EN342) / Portela do Vento (EN112) _ (GOPV); EN2 - section Vila de Rei / Sertã (IC8) _ (VRSE);

ER238 - section Ferreira do Zêzere / Cernache do Bonjardim _ (FZCB); IC8 - section Sertã / Proença-a-Nova _ (SEPN); EN2 - section Abrantes (A23) / Vila de Rei _ (ABVR); EN112 - section Portela do Vento / Pampilhosa _ (PVPA); EN238 - section Tomar / Ferreira do Zêzere _ (TOFZ); EN344 - section EN351 (Próx, Vale de Pereiras) / Pampilhosa _ (VPPA); EN351 - section Vale de Pereiras (EN344) / Proença-a-Nova (IC8) _ (VPPN).

For those allotments spoken above, afaplan equally like consortium, was involved in supervision of the structural constructions in allotment 3 (IC3 – Subsection Condeixa/Coimbra_(CXCO)) and allotment 11 (EN342 – section Condeixa/junction of Condeixa_(CONC)).

Construction of 26 current structural works, 8 special structural works and improvements of 2 special structural works, in total about 115.000m3 of concrete. Bridge over Ceira River, constructed with a use of “form traveller” and “launching beams”, develops in an extension of 930 m, with a principal span of the bridge of 250m of length and a high, from river till bridge deck, about 140m, and also renewal of metal bridge of Portela.


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