Mechanical and Biological Treatmen Unit in Évora

GESAMB – Gestão Ambiental e de Resíduos, EIM

Mechanical and Biological Treatmen Unit

Installation of a unit of Mechanical and Biological Treatment (MBT), located in the area of the current Sanitary Landfill of Évora, in order to meet the objectives of both RUB landfill diversion, as well as packaging recycling.

The facility will have a capacity of about 113.000 t/year for mechanical treatment, and it’s expected to maximize the use of recyclable fraction and separation of organic waste for composting.


Demolition and Construction Waste Recovery Unit

This unit has an area of ​​2,000sqm, whose area of ​​screening in structure and metal cover corresponds to 700m². The RCD's storage area was occupied by a prefabricated module for storage and an oil separator.

The unit is served by the existing road network in the landfill, in accordance with its deployment area, by applying the curbstone.

We continued the rainwater and waste water drainage networks, as well as the water supply network and power supply network through the required pipes and boxes.


Infrastructure, Solid Waste





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