Vila do Conde Networks of Water Supply and Urban Hydraulic

Indaqua Vila do Conde, S.A.

Networks of Water Supply

The water supply network is materialized in HDPE PE100 PN10 pipe with diameters ranging between 90mm and 315mm. Installation of the main pipeline and execution of household connections with diameters of DN32mm, DN50mm and DN63mm.

The waste water network is materialized in corrugated polypropylene pipeline of SN8 pressure class, with nominal diameters ranging from 160mm and 250mm, and ductile iron pipe, with nominal diameters ranging from 300mm and 500mm.

The rainwater network is materialized in corrugated polypropylene tube, of SN8 pressure class, for diameters or less than 500mm, and concrete pipe for diameters greater than 500mm. Execution of manholes and siphoned gutters, to receive the building rainwater of 0,60x0,60m and manholes of 0,40x0,40m for rainwater from the downpipes.


Urban Hydraulic

Installation of water supply conducts and sewage collectors in the council of Vila do Conde.

This construction, up to present day, involved the following work: Installation of 183,700km of water supply network and 140,300km sewage network, included construction of respective water pumps stations and waste water, part of the construction project. The work developed mostly in municipal streets, however, part of the project predicted an intervention in some national streets, such as EN306, EN13, EN206, EN104, EN309 and EN318.


Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulic




Vila do Conde

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