Water Supply to Póvoa de Lanhoso and Vieira do Minho

Águas do Noroeste, S.A.

Installation of 101 Km´s pipeline pipelines gravity in FFD and Steel Coated with diameters ranging from DN 60 to DN 700 and pressure classes between PN10 and PN64, including removal and replacement of bituminous pavement, excavating and backfilling of trenches, ribbon signaling, assay pressure and disinfection. Execution-boxes for installation of electromechanical equipment and motorized sectioning of 27 cases with electro-mechanical equipment and electrical equipment for command and control. 14 crossings, bridges, four of them being buried under the riverbed, with three freestanding air conduct, five lateral mooring with the board and two on the board anchored in the meetings, a directed horizontal drilling and 4 connections to existing systems in these two service.

Construction of 20 reservoirs with capacities between 150 and 2000m³ and three pumping stations located within inner tank maneuvers, including earthworks, reinforced concrete structure, finishes, landscaping, equipment, electromechanical, electrical installations and command and control, leakage test and disinfection.


Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulic




Póvoa de Lanhoso and Vieira do Minho

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