Porto Santo Desalination

IGA - Investimentos e Gestão de Água. S.A.

Renovation of main drainage network of Ilha do Porto Santo: launching of sections in HDPE, execution of 4 pumping stations, launching 3 outfalls, with lengths ranging between 260 and 280m.

Production regularization of Desalination Central in Porto Santo: Construction of Reservoir Lombo do Atalho with a capacity of 6000m³, supply and installation of 2 pumps KSB, launching of sections in HDPE.

Construction of WWTP in Porto Santo: comprising the work of a building entrance, secondary treatment, tertiary treatment, sludge treatment and main building. Construction/Remodeling of 3 pumping stations, launching the sections in HDPE and PVC.


Infrastructure, Urban Hydraulic




Porto Santo - Madeira

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