Integrated Policy

afaplan assumes as a strategic priority to be the reference point for the market in engineering construction and management of construction, to be the preference for partners and clients, to be more desirable for the best professionals. In order to do this, it must overcome continually to meet the expectations of its clients, providing them with high-quality services, and it must enhance its values, professionalism and development of its employees.


In this sense and in an integrated way afaplan undertakes:

  • To achieve the objectives as proposed, regardless of the efforts necessary to undertake;
  • To strengthen a culture of quality-oriented customer satisfaction, ensuring the prevention of pollution and the effectiveness of control measures of the impacts and risks to the environment and health and safety at work;
  • To improve the effectiveness of its processes, supported by an integrated system of management consistent with the expectations of clients and society in general;
  • To minimize the environmental impacts and the systematic reduction of risk by ensuring the provision of injury and damage to the health of all around us;
  • To raise awareness and to encourage the training of their employees to feel the company as their own, contribute, individually and in teams to achieving standards of excellence in service and to develop a high sense of social responsibility of environmental preservation and Health and Safety at work;
  • To ensure the involvement, communication and to improve the satisfaction of all employees, through policies of recognition and professional development, and to stimulate the assiduous communication with customers, suppliers and society in general, thus ensuring that our principles are known by everybody interested in us.
  • To meet rigorous legal requirements and standards throughout its business;
  • Integrate ethics component in it´s activity, by complying with the principles of Social Responsibility (SA 8000), ensuring  to its employees the compliance with the best practices in terms of Human Rights and labor laws.

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